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Friday, September 18, 2020

Monday, September 14, 2020

Doctor Jack & Other Tales: Beware Scammer Sellers on Amazon

It’s come to my attention that book scammers may be selling heavily discounted copies of my first book, Doctor Jack & Other Tales, on Amazon.

The ONLY current edition of Doctor Jack is edition 2.

Look for the title: Doctor Jack & Other Tales, with the SUBTITLE: The Adventures of Viola Stewart Journal #1 – and was published by Kraken Publishing in 2016 – available via Ingram Spark.

You can find it HERE on Amazon. This is MY BOOK


This original edition was originally titled: The Adventures of Viola Stewart Journal #1: Doctor Jack and Other Tales. This was my first foray into indie publishing and was published in 2015, via Createspace – which is NO MORE. This was removed when Createspace closed down.

The reviews are genuine – left over from the first edition. Amazon won’t transfer them to the second edition.

I’ve found it still selling on Amazon under the original title, supposedly available from CREATESPACE, with 1 left in stock.

DO NOT buy this copy.

This was removed from sale. I get NO ROYALTY PAYMENTS from this copy. I don’t know how they can supply the book when it’s been pulled from Createspace – and Creatspace DOESN’T NOT EXIST any more. Don’t get caught out.

How to tell the difference: The official copy has:

  • The main title is ‘Doctor Jack & Other Tales’ – with an ampersand

  • It is published by Kraken Publishing

    (Old (not printed) edition one WAS published by Createspace.)

  • CURRENT ISBN is: 978-0994485007

  • it is the 2nd edition

  • and was published on 20 August, 2016

  • RRP is US$11.99/ AUS$16.99

  • I get paid when you buy a book!

This is the cover:



Doctor Jack & Other Tales: Beware Scammer Sellers on Amazon

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Click and Collect for Steampunk Festival now closed

It’s the last day of Adelaide steampunk festival.  Click & Collect orders are now closed.

If you want a copy of my books, you can get them from the event – at event prices AND get your exclusive event – signed and and numbered – book plate.

Click and Collect for Steampunk Festival now closed

Steampunk Festival Talks Update

Looks like the technical hitch with the projector is sorted.

My talks on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s visit to Adelaide (100 years ago, this year) and Fairys/Fairy Doors should be at 12.45pm today at the main stage.

Find out about this year’s theme for the Festival.


Steampunk Festival Talks Update

Adelaide Steampunk Festival Day 1

It’s finally here!

All the steampunky goodness… and I can’t be there.

Not physically, at least.

I did my first ‘official’ live via my FB page (with Dearheart as my conspirator)

Steampunk Festival Day 1 – Intro

Dave leads us through the Railways Museum to see some of today's @Adelaide Steampunk Festival – You can chat to me via our Skype link at my table

Posted by Karen J Carlisle on Friday, September 11, 2020

I Skyped in all day to chat to readers and attendees…

Don’t forget you get an exclusive signed and numbered bookplate with each book.

Disappointed I can’t be there in person…  Let me out!

I’m back today for day 2.

Adelaide Steampunk Festival Day 1

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

My first ever FB live post & info Adelaide Steampunk Festival

My first live to my page via FB!

I’m planning on doing a short live possibly Saturday and Sunday (just before 10am?) as Adelaide Steampunk Festival starts, and possilby one during set up on Friday afternoon (if I can work out how to do it on my phone).

It’ll be posted on my Karen J Carlisle FB page.

I’ll be zooming or skyping in live AT the festival from my table all weekend to chat to attendees and readers at the event. (Argh! This week has been a crash course in using computery technology stuff!)

If you’re in Adelaide (and don’t need to quarantine), I have a table (with my books, some mugs, and badges – and my Dearheart) at stall/table #8

Come along and say hi to David. He’ll be manning the table. I’ll be there virtually… If you buy a book, you’ll get an exclusive signed and numbered book plate – only available for this event!

S.M. Kemmett – The Word Tailor (and my editor) will be sharing my table – with her new book – a steampunk fantasy adventure with cryptids!

I’m also doing some ‘virtual’ talks at the event over the weekend.

My first ever FB live post & info Adelaide Steampunk Festival

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Pre-Orders for A Fey Tale Paperbacks Now Avaiable

You can now pre-order your own paperback copy of  A Fey Tale – the second book in The Aunt Enid Mysteries. You’ll also get an exclusive signed and numbered bookplate.

A Fey Tale

Aunt Enid’s back, but something’s changed…

A deal with fairies… to solve a mystery… and prevent a war.

Fairies and magic: It’s all real!

Enid Turner is invited to a picnic in honour of the creator of the world’s most famous detective, currently on a lecture tour in Adelaide, where they are caught in a web of treachery and betrayal from the Otherworlds.

It’s up to Aunt Enid and the Protectors, with a little help from the self-appointed Fairy Hunter, to solve the mystery, return the kidnapped heir and save the humans from Otherworldly retribution. It’s now a race to save the Earth from becoming a battleground for a magical war.

CLICK HERE to visit the bookshop

to order your own paperback copy

RRP will be AUS$17.99 (paperback)

US $2.99 (eBook)

Pre-order special price: AUS $14 +post

(Postage to Australian addresses only: AUS $7.20)

Pre-order books should arrive a few weeks before the official publication date. Current expected dates: late 2020 to early 2021.

Pre-orders can also be organised and paid for at the Adelaide Steampunk Festival, 2020. Contactless purchasing is available.


Pre-Orders for A Fey Tale Paperbacks Now Avaiable