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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Cover Reveal - The Illusioneer & Other Tales: Journal #3

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If you've been at the Steampunk Festival, you would have seen the cover for the third book (and the back cover, complete with blurb) in The Adventures of Viola Stewart series. Now here's the cover reveal for those who could not attend:
The first two ebooks were launched yesterday and the pre-launch announced for the paperback. Here's some pics from yesterday for those who couldn't attend:
Photos  ©2017 Karen Carlisle. All rights resolved.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Photo Friday: Books, Tophats and Steampunk Festival

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Tomorrow is the book launch for From the Depths and Tomorrow, When I Die at the Steampunk Festival at National Railway Museum, Port Adelaide - scheduled for after lunch on Saturday.
Those attending will be able to buy copies of both ebooks at the special launch price of US$0.99 - just for the weekend of the Festival. If you're attending, come up to the table and mention this post to get the voucher code.
The third eBook is scheduled for September publication.
I'll also be taking pre-orders for the third journal (paperback) The Illusioneer  & Other Tales - the compilation of all three eBooks. This should be arriving late September/early October.

PRE-ORDER your own copy of JOURNAL #3
at Steampunk Festival

$20 - includes postage within Australia.

Come and see me at the table. The first 50 pre-orders get a signed postcard of the paperback cover (to be revealed over the weekend).
You can also purchase some of my newest craft projects - crocheted tophats (Green:$15/ octopuses:$20)
Here's my own tophat!
And if you are entering the costume competition, then don't forget to say hello. I've been asked to help judge the costume competitions on both days. Prizes will be awarded 2.00-2.30pm on both Saturday and Sunday. (Ask at the entry door for more details on how to enter).
Here's some costumes from previous events to inspire you:
Photos (c)2017 Karen Carlisle/ Catherine Curl. All rights resereved.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Where Ideas Come From

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One of the first questions a writer is asked is: where do you get your ideas? 
For me, it can be a picture that inspires a quirky character who drives the narrative (as in The Department of Curiosities). For other stories it's a phrase that catches my imagination - as in 'An Eye for Detail' and Tomorrow, When I Die. 
Documentaries seem to trigger ideas for many of my stories, tickling my imagination with 'what if'? I begin to formulate alternative explanations, especially if they can provide a mystery to intrigue the ever-curious Viola. Doctor Jack was one such story. What if Jack the Ripper was being organised by a secret society in their nefarious plot to take over the Empire? It almost wrote itself.
From the Depths was one such story. This time it was a documentary on the Loch Ness monster I had seen a few years ago. A story had been bubbling in the back of my brain, and Viola demanded she get her shot at it. After all, she'd need a holiday after her recent shenanigans. A holiday at the sea was the perfect tonic.
But what would happen if there was something lurking in the waters off St Andrew's beach? And the story was born.
"Viola needs a holiday. But even while on holiday at the beach … there are things afoot."
A Cog is Dead song inspired the title: From the Depths. Perfect.
The eBook of the novelette, From the Depths, should be available as eBook, later this week (barring electronic hiccups). Tomorrow, When I Die (also novelette) should be available as eBook the following week - just in time for it's launch at the Steampunk Festival on 19th August.
The last novella in this current series, The Illusioneer, is planned for eBook publication in September, with the paperback compilation available in late September/early October.
Each will be priced at $1.99 - as they are longer stories.
And here's an excerpt from From the Depths:
A shriek pierced the air. Viola flinched. Brine filled her mouth and rushed up her nostrils. She spluttered, thrust her legs downward into the deep chilly water and kicked to keep her head above water.
Men shouted, their cries unintelligible through water-logged eardrums. The other bathing machine thundered into life. Chains rattled, the engine strained. Frenzied splashes of water accompanied its retreat.
The water trembled around her, pounding on her chest. Viola gasped for air. A new undercurrent tugged at her legs. She rubbed the salt from her eyes and searched the surrounding water. Nothing.
Bubbles tickled her body and erupted on the surface. Something solid grazed her calf. Viola's heart jumped. The Lurker? Goosebumps crawled over her skin.
There's no such thing as monsters.
Water rumbled and churned. Waves sloshed against her torso. She jerked her knees up to her chest, struggling to untangle her limbs from the snarl of the heavy woollen skirt of her bathing costume.
There's no such thing as monsters. There's no such thing as monsters.
Viola shivered. She had drifted further from the bathing machine than she had thought; the candy-striped change box was nearly eighty yards away, the shore even more distant.
A crowd was gathering on the shoreline, waving their arms and shouting.
"Get out of the water!"
Two men swam toward her. Another bathing machine trundled in their wake. The sea hissed. Too close.
Spurts of water burst from the surface. A large shadow lurked beneath her.
Viola's heart raced, her breathing shallow. She wanted to run, to flee, to swim to the safety of the change box, but her arms refused to move.
There's no such thing as monsters.
The shadow turned and glided southward towards the headland. A trace of bubbles marked its course, fading as the shadow disappeared into deeper waters.
The two men splashed closer. Uncomfortably close. Their bare arms glowed white against the dark water.
"Get out of the water!"
Words and photos ©2017 Karen Carlisle. All rights reserved.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Photo Friday: Nullus Anxietas VI - Australian Discworld Con, 2017

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Nullus Anxietas is the bi-annual Australian Discworld convention. The last I attended was in 2009, where I won a seat at the Galah dinner table with Sir Terry himself.
This year it was held in Adelaide (so I could afford to go again!). We celebrated all things Terry and Discworld and passed the hat to the next con in Melbourne, 2019.
I volunteered for the Press Corpse, taking stills and videos over the weekend. You will be able to find more photos on the Nullus Anxietas VI Flickr page.
Here are some of the pics.
What duck? was one of the stamps we collected in our passports. (I was two off collecting the set!) Find the hidden duck, photograph it on your head and hide it in a different room...
Magrat and the Klub table. The convention drink - The Procrastinator - was very popular.
Workshops and Panels:
I did a workshop - Write Your Own Discworld Story. We came up with a fun story. I'm hoping some of the attendees will write it and send me a copy (hint, hint) and I will send them to the Nullus Anxietas committee...
On Sunday Ula and I did a panel on Steampunk / Steampunk in Discworld. You can watch the panel HERE.
My favourite workshop was Martin Pearson's song writing workshop. (My verse on Uberwald parcels made the cut... squee!) You can hear Martin's song, The Moist von Lipwig Song, in the closing ceremony video.
There were fantastic costumes...
and the Vaudeville de Masquerade entrants.
Closing ceremony
Stephen Briggs was one of our guests (and holder of a secret stamp) You can watch his interview on my youtube channel.
and a teary homage to Sir Terry Pratchett...
My videos from the convention are available on my youTube channel, and will be on the Nullus Anxietas VI youTube channel.