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Sunday, July 30, 2017

If I have to read that one more time...

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Edits. I hates them. But not why you think.
Yes, they take for... ever. Hours scribbling on paper, crossing out words, adding others, checking references. My back burns, my eyes ache and that niggly tickling pain creeps down my leg. (Sciatica sucks.)
I've lost count of how many times I sift through my thesaurus looking for that one word - the perfect one - to describe a character's mood, to show how they feel; stomping down the hallway conjures up a completely different image to inching down the hallway. (In this case: her footsteps padded on the carpet runner...)
But rewrites and edits are one of the most important steps in writing. They can take longer the first draft (depending on the quality of the first draft). Some of my stories have three rewrites; others - such has Tomorrow, When I Die - take up to eight or nine rewrites. It depends on how well the story was planned out, how much research was done (or needed doing), whether the story had taken a left turn and wandered off into uncharted territory or, in my case, how ill I was when scratching out the first draft.
There is nothing more annoying - or disappointing - as reading a story with dangling plot lines, sloppy writing or bad grammar. I've seen whole sentences repeated on occasion. I just don't understand how such stories get published - even by the big publishers. It seems to be an acceptable way of cost-cutting for some. <Insert heavy sigh and enormous sad face here.>
But what's the real reason I hate editing?
When I've read through a story for the umpteenth time, the fun and games seem to lose their gloss. It would be different if I could just enjoy the adventure - but no - I have to examine, judge, decide. I have to keep count of how many times a character has 'raised an eyebrow', whether they are sitting down or standing up and ask myself: 'can she really see that if she's hiding under the desk?'
It gets to a point where the manuscript gets slapped on the table and the house shudders with: "I can't take this any more!"
And that's when I know. It is done. It is time for my editor to check for commas and spelling mistakes. I press send and await her report.
I pour myself a cup of tea, nibble on a piece of chocolate and catch up on that series I missed... but not for long.
There's still one more story to finish. A new story. One last adventure for Viola and her friends. I'll miss them. They've taught me a lot. (The good news is the editing funk is not permanent; when I go back and read the stories next year, it will be all new again.)
Now, where are my notebooks for The Illusioneer?

Friday, July 28, 2017

Photo Friday: Opshop/Library treasures.

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I've been in opshop heaven this week. I've found two pairs of shoes - a pair of blue 'suede' shoes to wear with my TARDIS skirt (and a possible future Nerfpunk costume). I wore them to my writers' group. They are soooo comfy.
...And  - be still my beating heart - another pair of 'granny' boots for everyday steampunk outfit. And they are leather! They just need a bit of buffing and a new pair of laces. Both were only $12 each. Huzzah!
I also scored in the library (cancelled item) sales shelf. Six audio CD's of Sarah Jane Adventures (for $6 total). Have I mentioned lately how much I love my local library? This week they had a display of banned books (well, not currently banned books - but ones previously banned).
And the library also had a find-the-Houghton Howler (with a prize of chocolate) for the fiftieth anniversary of first recorded sighting (in newspaper) of the mysterious Thylacine, similar to the Tasmanian tiger. There have been recent sightings: in 2016 and even one this week, on the York Peninsula. The Houghton Howler was the inspiration for my short story, 'Hunted', which featured in the 2016 Tea Tree Gully Fringe Exhibition, A Trail of Tales.
A Trail of Tales on youTube:

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

I should have learned the first time.

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Finally, I'm done.
I've been sharing photos on Friday for some time now. Many are taken on my phone. Not long ago I had a phone scare. It just decided not to restart. I lost contact details, videos and photos. Many are not replaceable. I was devastated.
I was determined to backup my phone more regularly. This week the phone started playing silly buggas again (following a recent phone update). This time I was a good girl and tried to back up my data. But the back up program kept crashing. I decided to manually transfer my photos to my computer (and am now backing up these up).
Three hours later...
I've finally started backing up the transferred files to the external hard drive- that's 5, 385 items! Yep, I take a lot of photos and video. Sigh.
Here's some bonus pics I had forgotten I'd taken:
I'm off to find a heat bag for my shoulder; it's frozen up from all the mouse clicking, after looking at so many irreplaceable memories (many too embarrassing to share. Trust me.) Finally I think I've learned my lesson.
Next thing: I'm backing up all my writing. Again. On the external hard drive and three USBs. Is that overkill?
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Friday, July 21, 2017

Photo Friday: Visuals- Book Trailer & eBook Cover Reveals

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Good morning everyone,
I've been busy this week, using the images from last week's photo shoot. And here's the covers reveal for The Illusioneer & Other Tales. This set of adventures has three eBooks, one for each story (each over 10K words). From the Depths and Tomorrow, When I Die will be available in August. The Illusioneer will be available in September.
And the book trailer...

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Burnside LibCon17

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Yesterday the Burnside Library held its first LibCon inJuly, 2017, with indie artists, comic book creators, Jess Cate and  Jana Hoffman,
and local indie authors: Matt Pike, KE Fraser, Kylie Leane, Aprille Legacy and myself.
You can find out more about local South Australian Indie Writers at our FB page - facebook.com/SAIndieAuthors/
The library livestreamed talks by local artists and authors. You can view them on Burnside Library's FB page Here are the links:
South Australian Doctor Who Club, Tintin, Star Trek USS Mawson and 501st, represented some of the local fan groups in Adelaide.
Here's a peek at the indie/fan club alley:

Thanks to everyone who stopped by my table for a chat, or to buy a book (or both). It was lovely meeting you.

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Friday, July 14, 2017

Photo Friday: Viola Stewart is returning!

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On the weekend I did the photo shoot for Journal #3 - The Illusioneer and Other Tales. Here are a few photos from the day. Thanks to my wonderful model, Zena Alliu (Khaleezi cosplay) - our Viola - and Terry Brown, from Dragons Blood Creations, for the gorgeous outfits.
A little hint of one of the eBook covers:
And some of the upcoming teasers you will see:
For more information on publishing dates, a first peek at the covers and excerpts from The Illusioneer & Other Tales, sign up for my monthly newsletter, Tea & Tidings.
I'm at LibCon17,  Burnside Library, tomorrow, so come and say hello and find out more.
All photos ©2017 Karen Carlisle. All rights reserved.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

About The Illusionist & Other Tales.

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Good morning, Dear Reader,
Just a short update on Viola's thirs journal of adventures: The Illusionist & Other Tales. This book, the last in this series for now, will have a slightly different format.  One of the most common comments I received by readers was that the short stories were, well, too short. (Thanks to those who contacted me - you know who you are) So now each story will be longer. This alters the format of the paperback and eBook presentation slightly. The paperback will have only three stories this time:
  • From the Depths
  • Tomorrow, When I Die
  • The Illusionist.
The eBook format will be three ebooks, one for each story (each with over 10K words, the equivalent of just one short story collection). The eBooks will be published first, starting next month, with the paperback to follow soon after.
And an extra eBook means an extra cover!
Today I am out in the wilds of Adelaide city photographing my wonderful model, Zena - new images, new outfits (thanks again to Terry, from Dragons Blood Creations) and a new eye patch for Viola, which I finished making today. If you see me, come say hi!
Here's a sneak peek:
Photo ©2017 Karen Carlisle. All rights reserved.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Photo Friday: Through Her Eyes.

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My friend, Marianne had a get together on the weekend. She currently has her artwork on display at Greenacres Library (Adelaide metro). If you are interested in her work, contact her on her Facebook page: Chaos Original Art.
We had snacks and were encouraged to attend in steampunk attire.
And for those who like moving pictures, here's a video of the day:

Photos ©2017 Karen Carlisle. Group photo ©2017 Matthew Pilkington. All rights reserved.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Cry Wolf

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Warning: Possible spoilers ahead on Doctor Who episode, World Enough and Time.
By the time you read this, some of you will probably already know the answers to questions posited. I won't have my answer until tonight.  Until then, here are some thoughts, tempered by several days of waiting...
Last week's episode of Doctor Who was a killer. Literally. We've known all season this is Peter Capaldi's last set of adventures as the Doctor. He will be sorely missed - a great actor, bringing complex layers to the part. But there was some doubt on the timing of Pearl Mackie's departure: would she leave at the end of the season, or continue as companion with the next, as yet un-named, Doctor? Kill Bill rumours circulated up til last Sunday. Then nothing.
 Then came World Enough and Time. The episodes title is a line from the poem, To My Coy Mistress, by Andrew Marvell (1621–1678), full of death imagery. It has been alternatively considered a solemn poem of regret, an apparent epitaph for a loved one, or an ironic statement on seduction. - a possible epitaph for the Doctor, but is it for Bill as well?
 At the end of the episode, it seems we are losing both. I say 'seem', because Moffat does not have a great track record when it comes to letting go, having resurrected Amy, Rory and Clara (multiple times).
 Not since Adric (5th Doctor), has a character truly died (once), never to return. His death (whether you liked him or not) was even made more poignant by the first time we ever had a silent credit role, giving the viewer time to digest the sudden loss.
 In World Enough and Time, the horror of Bill's fate is drawn out over the entire episode, unveiling the process of her fate via the conversion of others. For Bill it was ten years of waiting for the Doctor to save her - so when the moment came, we were shocked.
 But moments that should have garnered the biggest feels - the camera lingering on the hole in Bill's chest, The Master's betrayal leading to Bill's conversion, and the close up of a tear in the converted Bill's eye behind her Cyberman mask - all lost most of their gravitas due to the many (many) cries of wolf by Moffat. These moments that should (and did intially) shock quickly dissolved into niggling thoughts of 'is this a dream sequence', 'how is he going to bring back the companion this time' and 'here we go again'.
 The devices used for ramping up the creepy factor, such as the silent cries of pain by the Cybermen and the growing realisation Bill was facing a fate worse than death,  were brilliant.  Unfortunately all were wasted. Was it just another of Moffat's teases? Would he weedle out of it all again? Why should this be any different? I'd become inoculated against his shock tactics.
 I spent the rest of the episode second-guessing Moffat's motives and not appreciating some great acting, clever one-liners and foreshadowing of events to come.
 There were two options:
  1. Bill is dead. Not a preferred option, as I really liked Bill's character and consider her the best companion since Donna (and River).
  2. A Moffat miracle to return Bill to the (new) Doctor's side (possibly with mechanical heart?). And, while I don't want to lose Bill as a companion just yet, this is even more annoying than option #1, for the reasons stated above.
I should have loved this episode. It had the feel of old Doctor Who, with many  nods to The Tenth Planet, and presented the return of the Mondasian Cybermen. The Doctor's old nemesis - and friend - The Master, also returned - patiently waiting and savouring his final moment of victory over the Doctor. This was a return of the old Master: patient, calculating and pure evil.
 But Moffat has does this all before. He's cried wolf so many times. When the moment finally arrived, Bill's moment seemed destined to go the way of Clara in Face The Raven.
I will miss Peter Capaldi's Doctor, and Bill Potts - if tonight proves me wrong - but I won't miss Moffat. I'm looking forward to a new showrunner and new stories to surprise us.