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Monday, April 22, 2013

Leek and Potato soup... no, it is not a metaphor

Winter is on the way. I am happy. I love the coolness in the air, the freshness on the breeze through the back door. The comforting, smokey odour of woodsmoke, from the neighbours chimney, completes the scenario. I am happy.  My husband now has to deal with the drop in temperature, inside the house, and has started rumaging around in the attic, for his trench coat. 

It has been raining and my garden is glistening with the watery bounty. Slowly, it is soaking into the ground and I can almost hear it gurgling its way down to the aquifer. Unfortunately, this summer was a scorcher and our leeks shrivelled and the potatoes were sparse. A trip to the local fruit shop, provided what we needed, however, for one of my cold weather favourites - Leek and potato soup!

Two leeks, finely sliced have been sauteed until they were just translucent with a handful of shallots thrown in and soon the wonderful smell, of allium, began to fill the kitchen. Half a kilogram of potatoes (chopped to about 1.5cm squares) were then added, with a litre of vegetable or chicken stock ( I prefer chicken) is then added and the lot is left until it boils. It is now simmering for another twenty minutes and will then be processed in the blender to a soupy consistency. I am just enjoying the aroma as it fills the rooms. Onions are too strong, leeks are less painful on the eyes.

Dinner tonight is leek and potato soup. Easy to make, nil preservatives, healthy and figure friendly. Most of all it is hot, soothing and great for dunking bread. I am looking forward to winter!

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