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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Writing Is Not Always a Solitary Pursuit

Last year I joined a newly forming writers’ group called Spec Fic Chic. Since then, I  have occasionally mentioned them in my blogs.  We are a small group of speculative fiction writers (fantasy, steampunk, alternative history). Each month we send snippets of our work in progress to be critiqued and discussed.  For those who do not have an ongoing project, a new theme is provided each month.

It is a small group – but oh so wonderful! Each of us bring a different set of skills to the meetings – with varying levels of experience – giving unique insights and very (very) useful critiques on each other’s work (at least in my case!).

I leave with so many new ways to approach my work; so many ideas buzzing around in my head to add to my ongoing stories.  (and now I have at least another chapter’s worth of work to add!)

It is a working writer’s group.  (which is perfect for me) We brainstorm, discuss and offer suggestions. Each month I learn something new. I come home full of enthusiasm and confidence.

My brain is so full of fantastic ideas and scenes, thanks to the girls at writers group. My mind is brimming with infinite (well almost) possibilities for Department of Curiosities. Some ideas I had only flirted with have now coalesced. I have almost an entire new chapter’s worth to add!

I love my writers’ group. If you are a writer – whatever your level of experience – I highly recommend joining one.

Writing Is Not Always a Solitary Pursuit

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