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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Excellent End to a Chaotic Week

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Yep, this blog is a few hours late.
I blame the heatwave - and those hateful north winds that carry down dust storms and trigger my allergies. Our air conditioner died Monday, was fixed Wednesday evening. We thought we were safe. Not so. We swealtered through Saturday morning after a local power outage. We celebrated with a D&D session, with friends, when the power was restored.
So what did I do over the week while I was hiding from the heat and north winds? A little writing and sewing - at least when the power was on.
Here is my latest steampunk fashion statement - squeezed into almost inadequate amounts of randomly bought material on Spotlight sale.
keys back keys front
Four days of over forty degrees Celcius - in December! Monday and Tuesday weren't much better - both over mid thirties. A record (since1897). Why can't we break a record like most chocolate consumed over the holidays or largest lightsabre battle?
Instead we joined the throngs to watch the much anticipated Star Wars Episode VII. I enjoyed it. A good balance between action and humour. Enough nods to the old series, for the long-time fans. That's all I'll say - or spoilers, Sweetie!
Have a cool week everyone. Enjoy your Christmas/Holidays.

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