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Sunday, January 31, 2016

This is how I Roll (Play)

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Good afternoon everyone.
<Pulls curtains closed and grabs the crumbling remains of birthday cake.>
Apologies for a late post today. Last night we celebrated my Dearheart's birthday. We played board games, with fabulous friends, until one in the morning.
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Today my body is reminding me it's not keen on truncated sleep.
<Pours another cup of tea.>
Next week is our regular D&D night. (Squee!) Guess I'll be pouring strong tea next Sunday as well - while smiling the smile of the deliriously adventured-out Rogue. Just as well I have my Steampunk Hands Across the World posts all lined up.
Tomorrow is a bonus post as it is the first day of February and my first blog post in the Steampunk Hands Across the World project. Don't forget to check in tomorrow. Then all is back to normal post schedules, each Sunday.
Now where's that chocolate cake?

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