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Sunday, June 26, 2016

An Very Inconvenient Hiccup.

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This week has had its up and downs. Three short stories are now with my beta readers and formatting of my next eBook, The Adventures of Viola Stewart: Three More Shorts, has begun. Work on the next book trailer is in progress.
But it has all been agonisingly slow.
Regular readers will know of my struggles with recurring migraines and anxiety, complicated by ongoing health issues that began about nine years ago. I had thought the current solution would tide me through. Alas, it has not.
Last month it became painfully (and I emphasise painfully) aware my body had yet again betrayed me.  Various treatments were tried. And proved inadequate. I have now consulted the appropriate specialists and have the verdict. A very inconvenient hiccup, with extremely poor timing.
I am scheduled for surgery next month (unless a cancellation bumps me up the list). It is major but also relatively routine and will have a recovery time of six to eight weeks. In this time I cannot lift or drive. Very, very inconvenient.
I am working on scheuled social media posts and updates on my progress, but please forgive me if I am not as visible on social media in July and August.
Most annoyingly, it has forced me to reschedule the publishing of Eye of the Beholder & Other Tales. (Insert various expletives here.) As a result I have been working to complete my next set of three Viola Stewart short stories. They are currently with my beta readers.
But I have a plan. And it is as cunning as... (sorry, got carried away there).
Rather than publish the Three More Shorts eBook, the Eye of the Beholder novella eBook and the paperback compilation, Eye of the Beholder & Other Tales, at the same time - publication will be staggered. I'm hoping this will provide you with something to tide you over until the paperback compilation is released (late August or early September at this rate - barring complications).
Tentative publication schedule:
  • Mid July: Three More Shorts eBook
  • Book trailer launch - some time in July or August.
  • Mid August: Eye of the Beholder novella eBook
  • 11th September (Aus Sci Fi pre-launch)
  • 17th September ( Steampunk Festival in Port Adelaide/official launch)
Please accept my heartfelt apologies at the ongoing delay. I'm hoping the surgery will solve at least one of my long-term health issues. Unfortunately the migraines and anxiety are not so easy to sort out. But I'm working on it.
See you on the other side.

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