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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Aunt Enid is coming... Just running a bit late...

Aunt Enid should be finished later this month. I’ve had to reschedule the official launch to 21st May. (to be confirmed)

I’m still battling the respiratory issues from the burn offs when I was in Melbourne. Regular readers will know I get bronchitis from dust, pollution/smog and smoke. At least this year I’ve only had two bouts (over a month) rather than the three-month-long battle of last year. (I currently rattle when I move.)

The doctor said to ‘drink more green tea’ to help. So I am:

Until then, you can find out more about me and Aunt Enid over the next few weeks, by following the pre-book launch events.

  • I had a pre-order promo was held at Melbourne Supanova.  A big thank you to those who have pre-ordered your paperback copies. You rock!

    I will email you around the 14th with an update (due to the schedule change) and then as soon as the book is finished and back from the printers. Apologies for the unexpected date changes.

I have there are three interviews organised over the next three weeks.

  • Tuesday 8th May at 11.30am (Adelaide time) : Joanne Baker on her PBA.FM (Adelaide) radio show, Words Out Loud. You can live stream via their webpagehttp://pbafm.org.au/

  • 15th May: the 5 Questions Interview by Narelle Harris, a Melbourne author who writes fantasy and Sherlock Holmes stories, amongst other things. You can read it on her blog at http://www.narrellemharris.com/

  • 21st May (from 7pm): Amanda Howard (Sydney true crime author) interviews me on writing, and I reveal a random fact about myself. You can find her blog, Killing Time, here: http://amandahowardblog.blogspot.com.au/

And finally, I will be having a FB book launch event (currently scheduled for   Monday 21st
EDIT: (Another health relapse. date has been rescheduled for Tuesday 29th May).  You can say hello, ask me questions and win eBook copies of Aunt Enid, during the day.

Aunt Enid is coming... Just running a bit late...

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