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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

T shirt designs

Today, I finished off some artwork for a new tshirt design, based on one of my favourite things: Doctor Who. (I have been watching Doctor Who since 1969, so I am told...) It came to me when I woke, one morning last week. My scarf had fallen on the ground... what if it was a ? I wondered. Then, what could be the 'dot'... the TARDIS of course! I had pencilled and inked the original on the weekend.
Today I attempted to learn how to process and colour it in GIMP - and add a transparent background to allow the tshirt colour to 'shine' through. I am not the best on digital artwork, so here it goes...
(the black translates to transparent, I am told)

This has now been uploaded to Redbubble http://www.redbubble.com/people/katdb/works/10027610-doctor?c=193919-tshirts and will be available on cafe press soonish.. (though not in my favourite colour of purple!)


  1. I'm not a t-shirt wearer, but if I were, I'd want one of these!

  2. thanks! I am very happy with this one!

  3. the design is also available on posters etc at Redbubble and will be in the usual cups etc at zazzle and cafepress

  4. That is a really neat concept. I'd wear it as a tshirt.. :D