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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rediscovering my favourite lens

In 2010, I bought a 50mm primary lens that had an F1.8, so I could experiment with bokeh. I loved it! I loved the low light levels I could capture images in and the smushy, blurred background. This was one of the results. (available to buy on Redbubble:  "Lost Directions")
Recently, a friend of mine had her shop opening ( A Rare Notion in Adelaide Arcade, Rundle Mall) and I got to practice using my new DSLR for the day. I also used the opportunity to see how my 50mm lens performed and play with the shallow depth of focus with the F1.8 and how it functioned with inside light levels sans flash. Personally, I love the background blur and had fun doing portrait shots the following week , with the same lens.

My new favourite (again) lens; I don't have to rely on the flash as much (less obtrusive), can keep the ISO down (reduce graininess), reduce motion blur with a faster shutter speed and get that yummy background blur so the eye does not get distracted from the image as easily... 


  1. I so <3 my 50mm lens.. :) I missed having one until just before we went to the USA last year. I havent' had much opportunity to play with it though unfortunately.

  2. It has replaced my variable lens as the 'stay on lens' for my camera now. I can totally understand why it is the 'standard' lens used by a lot of photojournalists, photographers and for portraiture