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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Life, the Universe and Cardigans.

Sometimes life surprises you. A few months ago, I was having a rough patch. It felt like the Universe was turning my existence into one gigantic (and not very pleasant) bad joke.  I buried my head in books, collecting bits for steampunk outfits and writing – in an effort to console myself.

There was also quite a bit of procrastination, mainly in the form of surfing the net. During one of my – ahem – research stints, I found this really cute knitting pattern for a small octopus to decorate clothing. Unfortunately, I cannot knit. I tried knitting once. It wasn’t pretty. I have resigned myself to the fact that knitting is one skill I will never master.

TARDIS and octopusSMAfter lamenting of my ineptitude on social media,  one of my dear costuming friends offered to knit me one of the cute things (in purple!). When it arrived there were a few extra trinkets she had made me – a TARDIS necklace and box. It was a wonderful reminder there are still genuinely caring people in this world.

kraken 2 sewingLast month  while op-shopping, I found the perfect purple cardigan – complete with tags and unworn! 
kraken 3 on
Today was a little chilly. Yes, I admit it. I decided it was time to introduce the octopus to the cardigan. After plumping up the head with stuffing, I pinned the octopus in place, then hand sewed it on.

kraken 5 onMischief managed. I now have another vaguely steampunk inspired item of everyday clothing. I will have fun wearing this over winter. I love octopi (or octopuses – depending on the version you prescribe to.)

Every time I wear it, I  will think of wonderful people who care about others. I will remember the positive things in life. I will remember that the Universe can be an amazing place.

Plus the octopus is so cute.

Life, the Universe and Cardigans.

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