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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Off the Artboard: Octoarms go live on etsy

octoarm bookmar2kI have a fascination for cephalopods. (Handy, as they seem to be a steampunk trope.) I was reading 20,000 Leagues under the sea and had an image of a kraken crawling out of the book. This sparked an idea which compelled me to make my first Octoarm bookmarks, starting my Portable Art Collection.  It was not long before I started making necklaces and earrings.

I have been rather distracted lately. Life has been… interesting. With some major stresses, even writing has been more difficult this week. In an effort to distract myself from current issues, I have delved into my box of creations and did some organising – and was inspired to make some Christmas tree decorations, which have been added to my Portable Art – Octoarms page.

Cephalopods and Christmas – cheered me up. I hope you will enjoy them as well.  Why not share the cheer with a fellow geek? Christmas is not far away.

You can now buy Octoarms earrings, pendants, bookmarks and tree decorations at my new etsy store: Off the Artboard.  Payments via Paypal for your security.

etsy banner off the artboard

Off the Artboard: Octoarms go live on etsy

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