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Thursday, October 2, 2014

September Steampunk Accessories Roundup.

I keep hearing the words of my mother, as she councelled me in my final year of high school: Don’t wish your life away now. Time passes more quickly, the older you get. Enjoy it while you can. As often is the case, experience proved to be true. September has disappeared as quickly as it had arrived.  Where did it go? Why did I procrastinate so much? I did manage to finish Chapter 9 of The Department of Curiosities, so all is not lost.

I posted the final installment of my Steampunk Accessory photo library on Twitter, my Pinterest page and Tumblr page – Off the Artboard. There are so many items I did not manage to catalogue (and so many more I have on my wishlist). For those who don’t like social media hopping or don’t have a Pinterest account, I am posting thumbnails of the photos here – as promised.

Many of my accessories were made by me, (some with help from my my DearHeart), found in opshops or garage sales. A few were purchased ‘new’.

1. Exploring Canary 2. Sundial/compass 3. Explorers belt 4. Bowler and goggles 5. Octopus brooch 6. Opshop leather bag 7. Fairy Repellent 8. Pith helmet.

1 mining help  2 comiccon14 3 explorers belt 4 bowler and googles 1 5 octopus brooch 6 bag leather opshop 7 fairy repellent 8 explorers helmet
9. Belt buckle 10. Brass Otto (and Victoria) Top hat 11. Octopus amulet 12. Handmade brooch 13.Leather  bolero 14. Aviator cap 15. recovered lace parasol 16. Octopus ring

9 buckle alternative 10 otto hat 2 11 bowsens whistle octopus necklace 12 brooch 13 leather shoulder coat 14 aviator cap 15 parasol2 16 ringoctopus 
17. Kraken cardigan 18. Top Hat 19. Boswain’s whistle 20. Scout hat 21. stripey socks and vintage boots 22. Military style vest 23. Striped bolero and overskirt (summer) 24. pinstriped corset 25.Teabox, canary and Victoria portrait.

17 kraken 5 on 18a tophat quirky stylin 19 boswain whistle 20 scout hat 21 socks and vintage boots 22 vest 23 striped shoulder jacket and overskirt 24 corset 2 25 tea box canary victoria 
26. brass telescope (part of sextant set) 27. brass compass (part of set) 28. Aviator wings. 29/30. Self portrait – a few of my favourite things.

26 telescope and explorers helmet 27 compass 28 wings 30 selfportrait13 
Photography (c) Karen Carlisle, David Carlisle and David Ruwoldt.
Any requests for what you would like me to post (on twitter, Pinterest or Tumblr) over October and November? Leave me a comment.

September Steampunk Accessories Roundup.

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