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Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Unfettered Muse

Catching up on blog posts - original at karencarlisle.purplefiles.net
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Day one:
On Monday I had a molar pulled. It had cracked up the centre and I was in agony.
I thought, why not exploit the situation and see where my muse wanders? (An uncommon experience for this teetotaller.)
I had organised a notebook to record any anaesthetic-induced inspirations my muse may wish to impart during the hazy twenty-four hours that would follow. Maybe I would get lucky and find a gem that could be mined?
Day two:
The muddle was melting. The pain lingered. I grabbed my notebook, eager to dig into its treasure trove of ideas. I sat down to the keyboard and opened my notebook.
Spidery lines tracked across the first page, occasionally hiccuping onto the next line. The lines thickened as they sprawled across the following pages, eventually forming rudimentary letters. Only one intelligible phrase was barely readable amongst the  rambling  doodles:
"the ferit wins "
So much for tapping into the unfettered muse. I think I will stick to my tea and dark chocolate.
tea 28 a

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