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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Discovering My Green Thumb is lost in the Aether.

Yesterday I wrote a blog post about my garden - complete with an accompanying photo. I scheduled it to post automatically this morning.  I trusted Wordpress to deliver said post promptly, then crosspost it to the varying social media according to the promise of the attached apps.
I then busied myself at a costume workshop, making detachable collars. Silly me. Here I was thinking it would all behave (the electronics, not the sewing. The sewing was fine. More on that later).
I checked my website and nada. No blog post. I logged into my admin and opened the wondrous blog post (that took me over an hour to write). Zilch. There is a title but the space reserved for the actual post is blank. No words. No photograph.
This is the third, no fourth, time Wordpress has lost one of my saved posts. (I saved and checked. Saved again, and scheduled.) It has been intermittent in crossposting to my other social media sites. I am not liking my chances at recovering my garden post. It has been sucked into the aether.  Is anyone else have issues with their program?
On a happier note: The Australian Costumers' Guild held a 'Make a detachable collar' sewing workshop at my place today. Perfect for steampunk outfits. These are dated approximately 1890s.  Thanks to Lynne for sharing her patterns and expertise. Thanks to Blake for the show and tell: some original collars (they come in cardboard as well!). My finished collar is on the right.
DSC_7152 DSC_7198WM

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