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Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Thankful Jar

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Early last year, following a harrowing year of anxiety, I was down. The black dog was biting at my heels. I needed a boost - something to cheer me up. Something to put things into perspective. A friend directed me to an article; it was then I discovered the wonder of the thankful jar.
It's simple.
  1. Find a jar, or a bowl or a box. Whatever. The container is not the important thing. It is what you put in the jar that counts.
  2. Through out the year, write down those little things (or big things) that amuse you, uplift you, make you smile. Feel good things. Things that you can be thankful for. (Hence the name: Thankful Jar.) This is a long-term project. It is also a private project - unless you want to share it. It is up to you.
  3. Keep adding notes whenever the moment takes you.
  4. At the end of the year release those feel good moments. Find a quiet corner, pour out the notes and read them. Remember the good times. Revel in them. Smile.
  5. Start filling the jar the next year.
thankfuljar2015This is my second year filling my thankful jar. I really needed it last year. It reminded me of the happy moments that outshone the dark days. It banished the black dog for a time.
With only a month to go, it is almost full.
I can't wait to relive the wonderful moments of 2015 - all over again.

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