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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Words Fail Me.

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Dear Reader,
This, as you have guessed, is a very late post. My apologies.
The weekend has been a long one, fraught with high emotion, personal disappointment and sadness. Tension had been increasing during the week - resulting in physical symptoms and loss of valuable writing time. Several issues surfaced on Sunday. They've been bubbling away for almost a year now. I thought that had been dealt with. I was wrong. Now I am dealing with the aftermath.
I am so far behind on my planned word count; so many words lost.
Then there was Paris.
How can someone hate so much - especially those not even met? Not only the perpetrators of the attacks, but those who now abuse others online - hidden behind the anonymity of social media? They abuse and accuse innocents just because of their colour, race or religion. These are hate crimes - their trigger is the keyboard.
Words fail me. My heart aches.
Sometimes I wish I could escape into my favourite book, join the characters and not deal with the everyday disappointments or tragedies. If we all did that, the haters would have free reign.
But there are glimmers of hope in messages of peace, not hate. Please, keep shining into the darkness.
And be excellent to one another.

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