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Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Today I joined in a Facebook event - Talk of the Tavern: Steampunk Hands Around the World. Kevin Stiles, the Airship Ambassador, was one of the guests - talking all things steampunk. Especially our favourite things.  We listened to the livecast and interacted on the FB event page. (Though the last hour gets a little risque for the young 'uns.)
It all started out quite innocent. Then I got guzumped. Don't get me wrong. It was funny. I laughed. (I needed a laugh today.) They did a shout out to one of the participants. I got chosen.
Hello, Karen.  Go like Karen's stuff. Buy her books. Post a review. Writers love that sort of thing.
Yes, we do.
Even when  I read back my (apparently one-sided) FB conversation. How embarrassing.
And how lovely to have complete strangers spruiking my books on livecast - worldwide.
Thank you guys for the chuckle and for the unexpected plug.
You can find the archived podcast on their site: talkofthetavern.comYou can support them on Patreon.
You can follow Steampunk Hands Around the World on their Link page or on twitter - #SteampunkHands

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