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Friday, April 22, 2016

Photo Friday: Interview with a Writer

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Last week was a whirl wind. A letter was sent out, not expecting any reply - then, in the space of two days I'd had my first newspaper interview and photo shoot. This week's photos are a record of the interview, including behind the scenes.
On the day: I usually prefer to be behind the camera (it's one of the reasons I took up photography at school). So I snapped this picture while our chirpy photographer, Matt, was busy setting up a shot and keeping us all relaxed.
photoshoot for Leader Messenger interview for Spec Fic Chic 160415
He liked it so much, he asked for a copy for his scrapbook.
We had expected the article to be published next week but, lo it came to pass that the Leader Messenger pulled a 'swifty' and sneaked this into this week's local paper.   You can also read the article online.
messenger article20 apri 2016 interview 1st paper articlePhotos:©2016 Karen J Carlisle and ©2016 Matt Loxton

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