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Friday, March 1, 2013

Latest Ink: Avcon 2013

Avcon is an Anime and Video convention held annually in Adelaide. Each year they have a tshirt/hoodie design competition with the chance of having the winning entries for their convention tshirts. Avcon provide the theme. The characters are their 'mascots' Ayvee and Switch. This year, I decided to try my hand at  an anime-ish design and this gave me something to aim for. 
Theme: School Days.  Competition closes this weekend.
The process:
  1. Research: Many of my works start with researching either the theme, the style or the commission brief. In this case, anime 'school days'. Reference pics for the characters outfits and the year's logo are supplied.
  2. rough out a composition.
  3. flesh out the detail in the sketch 
  4. procrastinate... but just enough to let the whole project cogitate to see if I am happy-ish with it and so there is not too much stress in timing to finish and polish it. (in this case I was not happy with his arm  or leg position)
  5. Ink the sketch. I prefer to use  Windsor and Newton waterproof ink and a nib pen. I have a range of nibs for calligraphy but prefer the Postman's nib for drawing. (then I erase the pencil work) I really should get a light box....
  6. Recently, I have been learning to use GIMP... or trying to. I am not a huge fan of computery drawing. :/ For this image, I  scanned the original at 600 dpi, ten used GIMP to clean it up, added the logo , traced around the edge with the 'pencil' and used bucket fill to fill the outer with black. I have found this saves on time and ink for large blocks, rather doing them by hand.
  7. The final entry can be seen at the AvConAdelaide page on Deviant art.

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