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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Of Lessons, Practice and Satisfaction.

I often say – “I learn something every day.”

In fact if I don’t learn something new, I sometimes get disappointed. There is a wonderful world out there – so much knowledge, so many talents and skills that are to be found in our Earth’s inhabitants. If I can but glean just a miniscule amount from any of them, then I am happy.

Though our writing group only officially meets once a month, it is one place where I always learn something (and not always about writing). Last month, I had very useful constructive feedback on Chapter 3 – of The Department of Curiosities.
  1. on dialogue, setting out dialogue and associated action
  2. building tension, plot and storyline – specifically within a chapter.
  3. culling, minimising or spreading around ‘information/background dump’
I finished the rewrite to both chapter 2 and 3, spreading out background where it was more appropriate – and to reduce boredom.

This month, I proffered the first part of chapter 4 - Of Diaries, Ghostmen and Despicable Acts. I steeled myself for another long list of rewrites. In the end I had less than 1/4 of the rewrites as last month.   I was complimented on the improvement in dialogue and pace of the story.  I came home and finished the rewrites on the same afternoon.

It is extremely gratifying when I get constructive feedback. Without it I could not learn more of the craft of writing. Without it I could not gain the confidence to try new things. There is a comforting sense of satisfaction when I realise that I have actually learnt something – and even more when I have put it into practice.

Tomorrow I look forward to writing more – and learning more. I love this writing gig!

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Of Lessons, Practice and Satisfaction.

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