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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Published Art - I33 Fencing in the Style of the Walpurgis Manuscript

For those who love period fencing (as I do) and want to try something a little different, a new book is now available for purchase:   I33 Fencing in the Style of the Walpurgis Manuscript. Last year my friend Andrew Kenner asked me to do some illustrations for this book. It is based on a 13th-14th century German fencing manuscript, the world’s oldest known fencing manual. During 2013, I posted some of my artwork (based on the period style) as it was being created. You can see more here:  Book Artwork Commission, Commissioned Art and Book Artwork – Mischief Managed

Andrew travelled to Europe to study the original manuscript then wrote the discussion and rapier exercises, based on the early period text. Andrew is a Provost for period fencing in the Society for Creative Anachronism (where he is known as William Forrester de Blacwode). He has been studying and teaching from the I33 manual for some years now.
gawler church cathy and steve13 02

In February 2013, we took a drive up to Gawler and did a photoshoot for the manual. Cathy Spencer and Steve Hancock took photos of our fencers in action, offering a more realistic interpretation of the early style of artwork. I did a photo shoot of the photo shoot, and of the lovely church (we had permission to photograph at.)

gawler church door photo13 02   gawler church cathy and steve photo13 02 
The book is now complete and available for purchase at Lulu:  I33 Fencing in the Style of the Walpurgis Manuscript by Andrew Kenner. The black and white version is $24.94 + postage.

I am now eagerly waiting my copy!

gawler william 1302

Art/Photography: I had not realised that I had not posted photos from this photoshoot before.

Costume Bit: I am working on my pinstriped Victorian corset for steampunk and dieselpunk costumes.

Writing: Chapter 6 is on the go. I have hit the 30% mark on the projected word count. Next month I am ‘attending’ Camp NaNoWriMo.

Manuscript Word Progress:
Total Words:  
Revised Words: 
At 1st draft only:

Published Art - I33 Fencing in the Style of the Walpurgis Manuscript

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