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Thursday, March 6, 2014

There is a Wonderful World Out There...

If only we would take some time to actually look at it!

This week I have been fascinated (gobsmacked and infuriated) at how many of us walk around, head down staring at our phones. I have been amazed at how many near misses there have been. People just don’t seem to observe their surroundings any more. Maybe we don’t want to acknowledge the real world? Maybe it is all too stressful, too tiring or just too boring?

This got me thinking… How observant am I?
Yesterday I had a specialist’s appointment in the city. As my husband also had to go to the city, we saved petrol (and the environment) by taking just the one car. I had arranged to meet him after my appointment had finished.

I walked several city blocks to our meeting point. It was a beautiful day. A pleasant breeze tugged at my hair, bringing with it tantalising smells from the cafe across the road. While I waited I took in the sights.

Several pedestrians had their head down, texting or checking emails. (Or maybe their GPS for directions? I really had no way of knowing.) One looked up at me just in time to avoid running into me. I smiled. He looked very put out and strode off down the street.

One thing I have learnt, as a writer and artist, is that there are so many potential stories to be found. Anywhere. Just standing on a street corner. I have no doubt the man who almost ran into me, will end up in one of mine.

observantWhile standing there, I spied something very unusual – not 30m from me. It made me laugh. So many ideas popped into my head. How did that get there. I took this photo – for proof.

How observant are you? What do you see in this photo? How many stories does this one picture suggest to you? (This is not photoshopped.)

Did you notice the car that ran the red light? Did you notice the red light? It was recycle rubbish day. There will be some roadworks or work on the pipes soon. There is a local election coming up. Did you notice anything else?
Let me know if you want me to post the close up!

There is a wonderful, exciting world out there. It is full of so many stories, so many opportunities. Why not take a look for yourself and enjoy it.

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