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Thursday, May 15, 2014

More Winter More Garden Adventures.

I have said it before. I love winter. While many love the spring colour in the garden or the summer heat, I love the showering rain, providing a well needed drink for my veges and flowers. I can get out and start moving things around. There are plants to pot up, irises to move to a more visible location and lots of digging.

It just gets too hot in summer, to do all the back-breaking work of digging and landscaping (and, being the lazy gardener that I am, my plants are less likely to die when I forget to water them.)

Now that the ground is more moist, I have been out doing a mass of weeding. Even then some of the ground was almost like concrete. I spent a relaxing afternoon ripping sour sobs out individually. I use an old fork or a small trowel – depending on how hard the ground is. Sour sobs are annoying weeds with little bulbs that  are notorious to remove. I am quite pleased. About half to two-thirds were removed -intact- using my cutlery.

weeding path beds 2

In all, I weeded two of my vegetable squares and along both sides of our front path.  Once this was completed, I sowed another batch of broccoli, carrot and spinach seeds. The thyme and mustard seeds are finally starting to shoot and should fill up their beds quite nicely.

carrots lettuce self seed spinch seeds

I love the serendipity of the garden. I found three self-seeded lettuce seedlings and three self-seeded spinach seedlings hiding amongst the other plantings.  They miraculously find a place to grow – and thrive – against all odds. I still excited when I find these unexpected treasures. They now have a new home, as do the silver beet seedlings we were given by a friend.

A great day in the garden does a wonder to recharge my batteries, connect with nature, get some food growing and mull over some writing ideas in my head. (not counting the exercise and vitamin D.)

More Winter More Garden Adventures.

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