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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Tea and Tidings – Monthly Newsletter Now Available!

Things are afoot!
By request I have created a newsletter for those who are interested in my continuing writing.
Tea and Tidings is my new monthly newsletter - delivered directly to you by trained flying monkeys! (That sounds so much more interesting than email or the internet.) It will contain news, updates and excerpts of writing I am currently working on, as well as exclusive or extra content that is only available via my email list.
I am hoping this will make it easier to find current information for each month, without having to search my page, FB or twitter - and especially for those who don't have time to read my blog regularly (or what something extra).  It is aimed at readers who are interested in my stories and future writings but there may also be occasional information  on new artwork or specials.
You can sign up for the email list

Subscribe to Tea and Tidings, grab a cup of tea (and maybe some chocolate), put your feet up and get some exclusives via your email.
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