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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Of Queens, Cats and Costuming

There is nothing like a deadline to get my off my butt and completing a long-procrastinated project. This works for both my writing and my costuming. Today I am  rambling, um… blogging about some costuming.

A few months back, I talked about a costume I had planned for 2014 and for OzComicCon (and now have planned for Supanova in November, if does not clash with my annual professional (day job) conference).

I had made a start on the Bling accessories for Queen Victoria but sadly, this has fallen in a heap when health issues won out. My daughter decided to have an Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party this year. She wanted me to go as the Queen of Hearts. She choose the Cheshire Cat for herself.

This was to be her first costume to be envisioned, designed and constructed alone. (In the end, we had some mother-daughter bonding with the fabric painting).  I think she did a great job – on the budget of just $20 for new materials, and making use of what was in the ‘craft box’.
DSC_2641 DSC_2665
crown gluing

I  took the opportunity to finish off my Queen Victoria crown. Perfect to wear for the Queen of Hearts. Yeah for Araldyte and my trusty glue gun!

While I was in the sculpting mood, I made some cake toppers for the oh-so-popular cupcakes that everyone wants these days.  They have been hardening for the past week. I hope the humidity has not been too high, with the rain we have had.

cakesIt was a fun party. I did not get to dress up in my Renaissance garb once more. Pity. Another health thing meant it was too restrictive. Hot flushes did not help the situation. Instead I cobbled together a make-shift Mad Hatter.

I got to do some crafty stuff with my daughter. My hubby had to wear rabbit ears. Best of all, I have managed a step closer to finishing my Queen Victoria costume.

hatter rabbit

Sometimes deadlines are my best friend!

Of Queens, Cats and Costuming

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