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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Penultimate Endings and Artistic Adventures

And that is it!  I finished another 500 words yesterday at Writers’ Race. 29,543 in total. Finally, the first draft of my novella is done…

Or so I thought.

notebook stessI skimmed quickly through the scenes on Scrivener. My heart sank. Bother! There was a scene and two descriptive paragraphs I had ‘penciled’ in to ‘do later’. I also realised that I had forgotten to add a few paragraphs into the early scenes (on a specific plot point) that tie in later scenes. Without them, things suddenly lob in on the reader with no reference or reason – not in an ‘exciting tension building or surprising twist’ way but in a ‘what the heck are you talking about’ way.

This will need to be rectified before I can claim the first draft complete.

I am off for a cup of tea, to rejuvenate my resolve and recover from the (minor) disappointment. That reminds me. This weekend is our  steampunk fundraising event – Teananigans, a belated Biggest (afternoon)Tea for The Cancer Council. You can donate to help them continue with their fight – HERE.

I have been busy making up some Octoarms and have a new item in the range – book brooches – combining two of my favourite things: books and cephalopods.

octoarms brooches 1406octoarm bookmar2k octoarm earrings done

More information on my Portable Art can be found on my website

Penultimate Endings and Artistic Adventures

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