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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Tea and Shenannigans

Cosplay for a Cause is a local group of costumers who love dress up and want try to make a difference to those who need help.  In February, some of the members booked into Red Cross to donate blood – with a Superhero theme. At the end of this month, we are raising money for Cancer Council  while enjoying an belated Australia’s Biggest Steampunk Afternoon Teananigans - steampunk style!

29th June in Adelaide.

We are looking forward to drinking tea, eating cake, playing quoits, having raffles, tea-dueling and competitions – all to raise money for charity. I am looking forward to the planned tea dueling and (hopefully) parasol duels.

I will be having a stall, selling some of my portable art – mugs, Octoarm jewelry, bookmarks and badges – and original artwork and photography. Ten percent of all sales will be added to the money raised.

This week  I have been busy making more stock – some of the things on the go…

octoarm bookmark badges photos octoarm earrings

I am looking forward to corseting it up and hoping to get a new skirt made, if I can find the time (and still get some writing done!) Pictures will ensue.

For more information check out my Events/Personal Appearances page.

Tea and Shenannigans

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