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Sunday, August 10, 2014

I like Tea. I cannot lie.

As you may be aware (and I am surprised if you are not), I like a good cup of tea. Black (lactose intolerant). No sugar. English Breakfast, Prince of Wales, Blackrose (T2) are some of my favourites. I prefer to use a tea ball – better for the environment and I can mix up something different if I get the fancy. (The tea leaves do wonders in the garden.)

You will often find me tippling the tea while I am writing. I have one in my hand right now!

pots 1
pots 2

tea 1I collect teapots. There is not enough room for them all. I cannot help it. Garage sales and opshops (second hand shops) provide too much temptation. There are so many interesting versions of the humble tea pot. There is not enough room to store them all in the house. I now pot up my succulents in them.

That doesn’t even touch my collection of tea cups. This month I am showcasing some of my favourite teacups and mugs on Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. I hope you enjoy the photographic documentary.

Feel free to post some of your favourites.

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