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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Of Balls, Steam and Wings.

The Australian Costumers' Guild holds its Costume Ball every year, in the last week of August. This year was the 18th ball. I have attended most balls since they were moved to Adelaide. It is an excuse to make a new costume (not that I really need one), a chance to kick up my heels and let loose.
I can shed my anxiety and my fear of crowds - hidden behind the protective facade provided by a costume - sometimes even unknown to my friends! I am not me. I am someone else - someone with confidence.  I am River Song. I am Tia Dalma. I am Donna Noble. I am a strong woman who will not be blamed for nothing.
riversong donname tia dalma 2012
Yet another reason I love steampunk costuming - female characters who are strong and know their own mind. This year I wore my latest steampunk - an aviatrix outfit (not yet seen in its entirety) . I had only my wings and armaments to finish. With the extreme wet winter this year, there has been less 'paint time'; fine weather this week allowed the rush to get the wings completed. My guns will need to wait a bit longer to come out to play.
On the night:
This year there was a strong steampunk contingent. I have been watching my friends' posts as they shared photos of their works in progress. It was exciting to see them in all their completed creations.
ACG ball 2014 groupAnd our outfits:  My wings were complete. My aviatrix outfit is almost complete. 
ACG ball 2014 us2

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