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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Mondayitis - My Second Book Blog Guest Post

I love The Dresden Files. A few years ago, I happened upon the television series. It had a fantastic atmosphere, interesting characters and just enough tongue-in-cheek to appeal to me. Then I found out it was axed after one series.
Wind forward another couple of years:
I discovered the television show was based on a series of books, The Dresden Files, by Jim Butcher. Woot! I now have several of the books on my bookshelf, with plans to buy more.
Fast forward to last week:
Grave Perill Jim butcherI am fortunate to have friends who share my love of books, reading (and some of writing as well). Several of my friends write regular blogs. Suzie sells second hand books online and has a regular book blog - Suz's Space. She has a regular spot called Mondayitis where she writes a book review, as a narrative about the main protagonist usually from the point of view of an animal or item found in the book.
The concept caught my imagination. It sounded like fun. And it was. Harry Dresden's blue VW has always been a favourite of mine. Now it has its own voice, from the pages of Grave Peril.
You can read my guest blog - Mondayitis - Blue VW on Suzie's blog. While you are there, check out what Suzie is up to.
Mondayitis - My Second Book Blog Guest Post

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