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Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Well Earned Break. Shiny!

NaNoWriMo Updates:

  • Day 20: Chapter 13 continues… I really don’t think I will finish the entire saga by the end of this book. Rethinking endings to tie up the major storyline while allowing others to be elaborated on later.

  • Day 21: Revenge of the Migraine. I have now discovered my daily maximum writing limit and what happens when I exceed it

  • Day 22: A well earned break. One day of Supanova, costumes and crowds (not so keen on the crowds). Is it sad that I took a notebook and wrote down some story ideas.

Yesterday was my fun day. Supanova came to Adelaide once more. I have been busy writing so (ashamedly) I have not made any headway on my Queen Victoria costume. I must rectify that for Comicon 2015. (Remind me, dear Reader.) As one of the guests was Alan Tudyk (Wash from Firefly – my hubby’s favourite SF show), we decided to do matching outfits – and I mean really matching! Our daughter was keen to get in on the action.

Some time ago my friend, Anwyn, made us Jayne hats in return for an unwanted hat stand. (I think we got the better deal.) I suggested she make mine purple (as a joke). She did. I love it. For my birthday, my dear husband bought me a purple Jayne t- hirt. You can see where I am going here…

hats by Anwyn tshirts purchased

I found a pair of cotton pants at the Salvos and decided to dye them purple. Hence my purple Jayne costume was born.

dye2  dye4  cargo pants done wet

We are Jayne. I think we make a great costume group and we had a lot of fun!


More photos from the day can be found on my FB page – Karen J Carlisle.

A Well Earned Break. Shiny!

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