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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Week 2-3 NaNoWriMo Updates

NaNoWriMo updates (for those who are following my progress)

Day 9: A write-off. Pun intended. The past two days caught up with me. I crashed. A few hours of extra sleep helped to recharge my batteries.

Day 10: Finally, my muse is communicating once more. I have found that I can ‘comfortably’ write 1000-1500 words a day. This is exhausting. I write down idea notes on scraps of paper – for later – and try to keep on track. If I push myself further, I can feel the exhaustion overwhelming me. Better to stick to slow and steady. Remember the tortoise?

Day 11: Remembrance Day. Once I had finished blubbering (I always lose it when The Last Post is played), I steeled myself to channeling my emotions into my manuscript.

Day 12: Thanks to the weekly FB Writing Race, I reached 1830 words for the day. Chapter 11 is now finished. Total NaNoWriMo Words Written 11,811. Total first draft word count for The Department of Curiosities: 60,098. That is now over 70% of projected word count for my WiP.  Feeling confident I can actually get the manuscript first draft finished before Christmas.

Day 13: Not a very productive day. I did manage 935 words – even though I was sidetracked watching a Jim Steinman musical on Youtube.

Day 14: Not feeling terribly loquacious today. 1068 words down. Took a break to choreograph a fight scene in my head. It is times like these I am glad I did rapier.

Day 15: Only managed a measly 400 words – mostly notes.

Day 16: It is week 3. Trying to write a fight scene (Parasols for the win!)- while breathing in dye fumes from the laundry sink for my Supanova costume. Surprisingly, I managed 1304 words today. Total for the month so far is 15,892. This is officially a record for most words written in a month – and it is only half way through!

Day 17: Spent the day sorting out dayjob necessities. Phone calls, emails and frustration. Sadly, no new words today. Consoled myself with some Miss Marple.

NaNo handwritten half book 141118Day 18: It is Tuesday! Enthusiasm abounds! 1570 words brought me to the end of Chapter 12. Mayhem has been had. Though behind on the official NaNoWriMo winning count, I have written over 76% of my manuscript with less than 20,000 left on my original projected word count. Can get the story finished by then?

Day 19: I am half way through my first notebook. It has been a patchy day for writing, interspersed with chasing up ex-day job necessities. I wrote myself into a hole, dug myself out of it again, then decided to add some more twists.  I am utterly exhausted but still managed over 1700 words and chocked up almost 79% of the first draft manuscript is now complete.

I will have to plant some more carrots in the vege patch. I have managed to eat my way though almost half of the remaining crop.

NaNoWriMo word count. Day 19: Total Words- first draft:  

Week 2-3 NaNoWriMo Updates

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