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Friday, December 5, 2014

December Flash Friday, the First: Micro Fiction

This week I present you with a micro fiction story (less than 100 words) Micro fiction provides an excellent exercise in sparing words and ruthless editing. This was one of my first attempts at this form, written for a children’s flash fiction competition, in 2013.


by Karen Carlisle. © 2013

“That damned cat!” There was a blur of black under Mum’s feet. “It just appears out of nowhere.”

Binky now sat cleaning himself. Watching.

“He is always watching,” she said as she rubbed her ankle. “No doubt, smiling at his handiwork.” She glanced in his direction. The spot was now vacant.

“See! Maybe he has gone off to report back to the alien mothership?” Mum grinned mischievously.

I found Binky in my bedroom, staring into the air and mewing. The air shimmered before him, revealing a feline hologram that listened intently. It disappeared. I gasped. Binky winked.

“Ssh, our secret.”


December Flash Friday, the First: Micro Fiction

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