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Sunday, December 21, 2014


I seem to have done a flip over the past few weeks – replacing writing posts with that of my alter ego’s passion, costuming. This is not surprising, as there are a plethora of parties at this time of year (often costume parties in my circle of friends/clubs). Each serves to facilitate my obsession.

Last weekend was the annual Christmas Costume party held by the Australian Costumers’ Guild. There was no theme; it is a chance to pull out and re-wear old costumes. Okay, okay, many of us make new ones. Well, who needs an excuse anyway?

My daughter has decided she wants to create some pop-culture costumes during the school holidays.

“No problem,” I say. It gives me something constructive to do while procrastinating, I think to myself.

“Let’s make some procrasti-costumes!”

(“What is a procrasti-costume?” I hear you ask. It is a costume I make when I am putting off writing. At least I am being constructive, eh? That is a whole other blog post.)

IMG_7462tumblr_inline_neh8tkLCgF1rx0gegI finally put together my Osgood costume (Dr Who – Day of the Doctor). A labcoat, bic biros, my Doctor Who scarf – perfect costume for the a casual party.

Dearheart’s costume originated with a chance purchase of a hooded Santa coat. Add a mask and gloves (thanks to post Halloween sales) and the official Hogfather belt buckle (my birthday gift to him a few years back) and we have Hogfather!

Until now, I have made all of my daughter’s costumes. Now she has decided she wants to make some herself. Huzzah! Who am I to stand in the way? I am overjoyed. (More time to make ours – oops, did I write that?)

She is a big fan of Adventure Time – in particular of Marceline. I was put in charge of the hot glue. Another easy costume. (Thanks, Sweetie!)

She drew up a pattern for the axe-guitar, then transferred to a left-over cardboard box. The painting began. I helped her with some of the fiddly bits. My Dearheart spray painted the knobs and bobs (conveniently found in leftovers box in the shed).

Marcelines guitar in progress     DSC_4393photo Anne Ruwoldt

It is amazing what can be made from cardboard, wood offcuts, sculpey, wire, gardening string, bottle tops, odd curtain rod ends, hotglue and lots of paint.

The costumes were comfortable and we had a great time. I hope you all enjoy the silly season.

What have you got planned?


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