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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Time Traveller's Picnic

The annual Time Traveller’s Picnic is traditionally held on 8th December, to mark International Pretend to be a Time Traveller Day which started on a social site in 2007. (also known as International Dress like a Time Traveller Day). I first heard about this back in 2008/09 (can’t remember exactly when I will hear) on the Antipodean League of Temporal Voyagers. I think the first one here in Adelaide was in 2010 at Victoria Square and the launch of Olympia: A Steampunk Spectacular!

This year our vortex manipulators and time-turners screwed up and we all landed back at Victoria Square on the 7th (on a weekend this time – which meant we could attend this year!) We arrived from whenever and every time to take tea, Tictoc biscuits, pumpkin scones and Jammy Dodgers.

What to wear, what to wear?

I wanted something steampunkish but fit for the predicted hot weather. After the councils revamp of the Square, there is little shade. It was the perfect time to try out my new parasol and new (well, from the opshop) boater style hat.

I decided to try an early 1900s hairstyle to match the hat. First to make a hair rat: I have been collecting hair (sounds ick) for the past year. This is my first attempt. I used a ‘sheer’ stocking – but it defeats the purpose of using my own hair so I can match the colour. Next time I will try for a hair net to allow the colour to show through.

rat 1412 10488364_10152887572077937_2676064018249419907_n

1900s hair end of day 2IMG_7343A new hair accessory deserves a new hairstyle – this is my first attempt at this roll style. A lot of hair pins were required. The rat was covered at the beginning of the day.

This photo was taken about 3 hours later. You can see the lighter coloured stocking. (I definitely need a hair net)  I pulled out one of my very early steampunk outfits, added a newly aquired linen blouse to cope with the heat.

How to Time travel? With a vortex manipulator of course! (Dr Who for those who are not initiated.)

Had a great day with the family (My Dearheart dressed as Sirius Black – in the handpainted vest I made a few years ago – and Time-turner)

IMG_7288 IMG_7306

More photos are on my FB page – Karen J Carlisle or Flickr Page – Katdb.

Time Traveller's Picnic

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