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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Steampunk Hands: International Q&A Project Pts 1-3

Steampunk month is over. My final post for Steampunk Hands Around the World, showcases Ray Dean’s International Q&A on her website, My Ethereality.

Ray interviewed several participants from around the world. Other participants included:  Sally-Ann Livingston (England), Davide Mana (Italy), Josue Ramos (Spain), Jaymee Goh Sook Yi (Malaysia), Paulo Ramirez (Mexico), Arthur Morgan (France), Kenneth Toglia (USA), Suna (Scotland/India), Kevin Steil (Airship Ambassador). I am such splendiferous company!

The interview was blogged in three parts. Here is the complete list of links.

  1. Part One

  2. Part Two

  3. Part Three

It was interesting hearing from fellow enthusiasts from around the world. I have met a few new friends, as a result. (Isn’t that what it is all about?) One of the things I love about steampunk is its willingness to include different cultures and ideas. In this Q&A, we can see a glimpse of steampunk in different countries.  Thanks again to Raydeen for as asking me to be part of this project.


hands_2015_xpk1 (1)


Image: Thanks to Steampunk Hands Around the World.

Steampunk Hands: International Q&A Project Pts 1-3

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