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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Steed, You're Needed.

I suppose I have to admit I am reaching that time of life. I am not getting any younger. Recently I have said goodbye to: Sir Terry Pratchett - wordsmith and purveyor of wonders, creator of worlds to enjoy and inspired me to question the state of things - Sir Christopher Lee - actor, author, adventurer and musician who lived life to the full - and Leonard Nimoy - who lived long and prospered. Just over a year ago comedian, Rik Mayall, died having survived a horrendous quad bike accident over ten years earlier. Just to mention a few.
These are just some of the people entertained and inspired me through my childhood, adolescence and adulthood. I know it is to be expected. No one lives forever (not even The Doctor). They are aging, as am I. Many of them are older than me, some are my peers. It is the way of things.
Now it is time to bid farewell to Patrick McNee - my dear Mr Steed. Patrick McNee was an actor. I remember him best as Steed,  from the classic UK series The Avengers of the 1960s and 1970s. I loved this show. I loved Steed.
steed and Peel my 33rd birthdayHe was a gentleman, an adventurer and hero. He had class, always dressed immaculately, complete with bowler and umbrella. Most of all, he treated his female companions as equal partners. I wanted to be Mrs Peel, almost as much as I wanted to be The Doctor's companion.
The leading ladies were not sidekicks; they were strong, intelligent women, as confident in their fashion as in their abilities. Patrick Macnee often credited the success of The Avengers to the strong partnership between Steed and Mrs Peel - where the woman was not subserviant but an equal.  (If only this had continued in television shows... )
Thank you  Patrick McNee.
Vale Mr Steed.
(photo: Me and my Dearheart on my 33rd birthday party)

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