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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Letters from a Blankie Fort

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Have I said it before? I'm sure I have.
I hate computers! I hate that I need them. Grump.
Yesterday disappeared down a rabbit hole, with me chasing my tail all day long. Emails, forwarding, sign ups, filling in forms, finalising pages. I felt like was drowning in a vat of vaseline, fighting my way to see the way out and sinking deeper into the goo.
Today I am hiding in my blankie fort. My sinuses and glands are rebelling. My body is refusing to obey.
So today, while the rain pelts down, the sun is on holiday and the world is recoiling from its veneer of frost, I am posting pretty pictures.
The view from my writing desk:
on my desk_copyright2015_KarenCarlisle veiw from window 3 _copyright2015_KarenCarlisle
view from window 1_copyright2015_KarenCarlisle view from window 2 _copyright2015_KarenCarlisle winter roses
photos (c)2015 Karen Carlisle

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