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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Tale of the Octoarm Scarf

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Many (many) years ago, I tried to crochet. I had plans. They crashed and burned. As a student, I could afford only basic equipment. This meant plastic crochet hooks. I broke two before I gave up on the whole thing. Apparently I had very tight tension.
Recently I got very excited. I wanted a tentacle scarf. Not surprising, as I have an affinity for cephalopods.  I scoured the internet to find one. There were rumours of some for sale online. Nada. Then hints on various forums there was a pattern lurking on the internet. Apparently there was one. Once. It had been removed from the blog in question. I left a message. I'm not holding my breath, as there are unanswered messages dating back a couple of years.
So, once more,  I decided to try my hand at crochet. This time I bought metal hooks. This turned out to be a wise move. All the hooks are still intact!
Picture diary:
My first attempt. It took about thirty centimetres to get the hang of the tension before I started the actual scarf base. (1) Then I tackled the suckers - all forty-two of them (I thought that was an appropriately fannish number). (2)
2stitching 3suckers48r_copyright_2015KarenCarisle
The finished pieces ready to unite (3). Positioning the suckers (4).
4aBITSr_copyright_2015KarenCarisle 5suckerposition_copyright_2015KarenCarisle
The suckers in place. (5) And the final scarf (6)
6suckers_copyright_2105_KarenCarlisle 7FInished2_copyright_2105_KarenCarlisle
I'm a very happy cephalophile!
(And now working on my next one - with a proper crochet stitch this time. Planning on having a few for sale on the Sunday 1st November, 2015 at Adelaide Mini Comic Convention – Flinders Street Markets, Adelaide.)

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