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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Inktober 2015

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I almost forgot! Again. Last year I remembered too late. I vowed this year I would remember. I did, but...
I penciled my first drawing. Grabbed my calligraphy box and...
Ran out of bottled ink. My last ink pen had dried out. Fail.  I finally managed to get to the art shop on Saturday and bought new pens - the last black pens they had left in the shop - and more ink for my nibs. Was it my destiny to miss inktober again?
Undaunted I did some scribblings and caught up the three days. Not too detailed, I admit but, Inktober is happening. Phew.
It has been too long since I have picked up my inkpens (or nibs) and played. I do miss it.
Here are the first week of offerings. You can find all of my drawings on:
day 1 Dirigible_copyright2015KarenCarlisleCM day 2 pince nez_copyright2015KarenCarlisleCM day 3 Gandalfs hat_copyright2015KarenCarlisleCM day 4 boquet_copyright2015KarenCarlisleCM
and my favourite:

day 5 Kraken_copyright2015KarenCarlisleCM

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