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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Kraken and Steam Mugs Galore!

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I have received most of my mugs to sell Adelaide Mini Comic Convention, over Halloween.
The Adventures of Viola Stewart Series: Men in Grey and Viola mugs.

Mugs from my Octo/Kraken original artwork series are on order and due to arrive this week:
DeepSeaBallooning_REDtshirt2  krakenchestbusterRBTSHIRT octoumbrella_ringRB steamtrekRBBlueBG

DOCTORSCARFQUESTIONMARKcupI will also have a limited number of The Question mugs - exclusive for direct event sales only.
There will be only a limited number of mugs available on the weekend - so get in quick. If you don't live in Australia, you buy the Viola Stewart Series and Octo/Kraken series mugs via Zazzle. The Octo/Kraken series is also available as tshirts via Redbubble.
Mini Comic Con prices: All mugs - $20 each. Badges also available - $3 each.
If you are in Adelaide,  visit the Flinders Street Markets on Sunday 1st November for the Adelaide Mini Comic Convention and say hello.
Artwork (c)Karen Carlisle.

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