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Friday, April 7, 2017

Photo Friday: Eat, Write, Play.

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Eat: One of the great things about conventions are the people you meet - con buddies, line buddies and fellow artists. My booth buddy, for the second time, was Kimberley Clark who travelled down from Brisbane for the Oz Comic Con. We had dinner on Friday night at Little NNQ Vietnamese restaurant in the city - a generous serving of delicious food and a photo opportunity showcasing the eclectic mix of old and new architecture in Adelaide.
Write: I completed my latest short - Mrs Hudson Investigates - and submitted it to an upcoming anthology. Wish me luck! I now have another story series percolating through my brain... 
My talk for the local writing group today: Plotting for Non-Plotters
Play: Last D&D session was intense but we survived! Tomorrow we get to play our alternative milieu.
And a few more photos from last weekend: I helped my daughter make a 'Chat Noir' ring from sculpy. Unfortunately it was a tad large and was lost after only a few hours. If anyone found it at the event, please contact me.
Any one for a game of chess?

I didn't buy much at the convention - but couldn't resist Neil Gaiman's Death or the Elfquest book and t-shirt.

Photos © 2017 Karen Carlisle.

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