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Friday, May 26, 2017

Photo Friday: Chocolate at the Heritage Museum

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Regular readers will know I love chocolate. Dark chocolate specifically. So when the Tea Tree Gully Heritage Museum organised a display revolving around the history of chocolate, I was in! And so was my editor, Sharon.
Time for a road trip!
The heritage museum is housed in the building and grounds of the old Highercombe Hotel, built in 1853-4. It has hosted council meetings, dances and public meetings and served as  a school from 1875-1934, with the front half of the building becoming the post office in 1879. (More information is on their webpage.)
Each room was set up with facts, history and information on chocolate...
original packaging and posters...
and some famous chocolate quotes.
Volunteers had been busy making visual chocolate treats, scattered throughout the house.
Some real...
... like this top hat decorated with chocolate trim and Cocoa Chanel with her chocolate-inspired accessories. Chocolate even replaced the corks on this hat.
Some, like these delicious-looking felt treats, were not so real.
Finally we climbed back down stairs for some morning tea and homemade chocolatey treats.
Thanks to the volunteers at the Tea Tree Gully Heritage Museum for a lovely (and educational) morning.
Photos ©2017 Karen Carlisle. All rights reserved.

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