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Friday, February 14, 2014

It Might be Peaches Instead.

It is not as simple as we would like it to be.

Last year we discovered a randomly self-seeded plant, hidden under the over-grown ivy. After some quick internet searches we surmised it may be a peach or a nectarine tree, based on the shape of its leaves.

We used to have a nectarine tree. It had to be removed when it became the home to local termites. The neighbour used to have a peach try – just over the fence.  The local birds used to feed on both trees and deposit their left overs (complete with seeds) over our back yard. Both were contenders.

We watched as it flowered then did some more internet research. We were sure it was likely a peach tree but still waited… just in case. The flowers swelled and the fruit started to grow. They looked more like almonds. There used to be almond groves all around the local suburbs. We were no longer sure what our tree would give us.

Over the past few weeks, the fruit has grown larger and plumped out. Our current running theory is that we definitely have a peach tree…


15123_10152203018897937_1988602439_nLife (and writing, and just about everything else) is like our mysterious tree. Things pop up out of nowhere. We think we know what we dealing with. Things change. We change our mind, thinking we have sorted things out. Somewhere along the way, things change again. Life can be confusing. In the end we can only hope that it bears sweet fruit that we will enjoy.

I hope we get peaches.

It Might be Peaches Instead.

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