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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

We Are Very Amused at Our Bling.

I am in the midst of costume fever – the mad rush to finish (and start) planned costumes for an upcoming convention.  (If I get desperate, I can always wear an old one). It usually begins with:

Oh my! Is it only ‘x’ weeks til the convention?”

Yes, there is only five weeks til Comic Con. I have not even started to make patterns for my outfits. Due to financial restrictions, we have had to limit attendance to only one day (sigh!). But rejoice – this means only one new costume. 

Regulars will have seen some of the costumes on my wishlist for this year: Costuming Capers. I have finally decided to make Queen Victoria’s costume from Pirates: Band of Misfits. I am looking forward to this one – it will be so much fun ‘cosplaying’ this one!

swords toyWI have now purchased two toy Samuri swords (to avoid weapon restrictions set by the convention).  Sometimes cheap shops come in very useful for budget costuming.

tia dalma 12 accessoriesNext, I rummaged through my craft cupboard for left over Sculpey (I love this stuff almost as much as glue guns!) . It is an inexpensive way to make jewelry and accessories that are not readily available for purchase. I first discovered this when making my Tia Dalma necklace – the chicken foot and the claw. I have definitely become a convert!

necklace 32WI made several round links for the sparkly gold and diamond necklace worn by Queen Victoria.  15 minutes in the oven and I had solid gold (looking) roundels ready to glue on some cheap bling! More rummaging around in my jewelry findings box – I made hooks with some jewelry wire and added a clasp. Voila!

I am now working on the dinky little regal crown. I measured – and remeasured the parts in a hope that they would fit. In the end, it is close enough and will work!

crown 2Mcrown 1W

We Are Very Amused at Our Bling.

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