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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Of Chocolate,Trials and Tea-brilations

(I know, I know. that is really bad).

I love tea.  It is the wonderful brew that not only calms me instantly but provides caffeine to sooth my migraines (along with 85% dark chocolate!) I have been known to audibly sigh as the refreshing golden liquid does its work.

A few years ago, I had a ‘high tea’ for my birthday. I bought several different teas for my guests’ selection. The Prince of Wales became my favourite. Until now it sat on the shelf, next to my T2 Black Rose, a locally grown black tea, the green tea and English Breakfast. There are so many variations of tea. Others come and go, depending on my mood, but these five teas always remained the stars.

Over the past few months Prince of Wales has been getting harder to find. Again, it was not in its usual spot on the shop shelf. I asked at the information counter. Ugh. It is official – they no longer stock it. I dutifully filled out the feedback forms but doubt it will have the desired effect.

Today the mood took me. I really, really needed a cup of Prince of Wales tea but there was none left in the tin. I shall have to make another trip to the city to visit T2. They have ‘take home’ samples to try. Until then I have my English Breakfast and Black Rose… and some Haighs’ dark chocolate.

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Of Chocolate,Trials and Tea-brilations

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