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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Of Storms, Hopes and Thankfulness

Earlier this week, Adelaide shuddered under a big storm. It was reported to have been the worst storm in decades. The winds topped 90 km/hr. Thousands of homes were left without power for up to three days – in the middle of a hot summer. At work, half  of the shopping centre was closed for the day and skylight damage was roped off for shoppers’ safety.

While others recalled their frightening stories, I kept quiet. Blackouts and storms are never a beneficial situation. While my heart went out to those who were effected, I was still in awe of such destructive power that is displayed by nature. I am always thankful when a storm is over and have gratitude for surviving the onslaught.

Secretly I enjoyed the storm (if I did not think of the consequences). Maybe it is the crazy ex-Queenslander in me? I have experienced two cyclones.  So my perspective is a little skewed.  My thoughts were ‘I survived those, I can survive this – no problems!’ 

I also love the fantastic displays of  lightning storms. Having lived in Queensland, I have experienced lightning close at hand –  four times. I have been in buildings that have been struck by lightning. I have seen a tree split by the shear force of it, as we sat in the back verandah, some 20 feet away. The smell of ozone and the crack of light and sound energy will not be forgotten. Even here in Adelaide, the lightning has struck the neighbour’s front door step while I watched the storm. (Our landline phone was fried!)

As frightening as storms can be, they are also exhilarating and awe inspiring  but I am always relieved when they are over and my family and friends are safe.

daveThese storms got me pondering on the recent emotional storms in my life. Even this morning I was weathering them still. Then one kind remark, an acknowledgement of  inspiration, an excited message from a friend and a sincere request – all helped pry open  a crack in the dark clouds. A sliver of hope peeped through, shining the promise of hope that I will endure this storm.
Never give in. Never surrender!

I look at my life – my family and friends and thank God for what I have – my dear husband and daughter who support and love me, friends who encourage me and my old cat who snuggles up and purrs endlessly (that is so great for stress – there are so many studies to prove it!)

tish 1402

Next time there is a storm, don’t fear it. Think of the awesome power nature has to shape things. If we could all harness as much power over our own lives, we could work wonders.  A storm is for only a short time. It is what we do with ourselves for the rest of the time, that truly matters.

Of Storms, Hopes and Thankfulness

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