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Sunday, July 5, 2015

777 WIP Challenge

There is a blog challenge presented to me via The Steampunk Empire. One of our denizens, David Lee Summers, threw open the challenge to play the 777 game. In this game, we go to page seven of a work in progress, scroll down seven lines and post the next seven sentences.
Here is my offering, from my work-in-progress,The Department of Curiosities. Just a few more chapters to go on the first draft.
To Tillie's annoyance, she found herself reminiscing about a pair of fine green eyes.
"Which would you prefer, Miss?" Grace's voice pulled Tillie back to the task at hand.
An assortment of silk, cotton and linen dresses had been laid out on the feather coverlet, all in the latest fashions. From the second box, assorted linens and unmentionables were unpacked from amongst the layers of soft tissue paper. There was a pair of collapsible bustles, ideal for transport, with ample room for her concealed pockets and holster. Two new pairs of leather boots stood proudly at the foot of the bed.
The original challenge asked to tag seven people to take up the challenge. David left the challenge open ended. Most other writers I know have already been tagged, so I am tagging Lynne Lumsden Green, of Cogpunk Steamscribe, and leaving it open for anyone else who would like to play. Just nominate yourself in the comments, with a link to your blog so we can check it out!

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