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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Full Steam Ahead

It's all go, go, go. I have a few tantalising possibilities dangling in front of me right now - all writing or photography related. I plan to grab them and see what eventuates. I will let you all know if they pan out. Either way, I have some hard work ahead of me to prepare - just in case.
While I wait for decisions to be made, I am continuing with transcription of five handwritten chapters and finishing off the last few first draft chapters of The Department of Curiosities but, alas, my Inner Editor has decided to plague me. Is it in retribution for two weeks of procrastination?
I am having daily battles, trying to put down that first draft so I can attempt a proper rewrite once the full story is complete (and I have a more accurate picture of the characters and plot line intrigues) without constant interruptions from the persistent little so and so.
Looking back and reading some of the words, written almost a year ago, is a a tad scary. I had forgotten some of the twists and plot points. Did I really write that? And why? Maybe if I just tinkered with this... and with that?
Argh, the Inner Editor strikes again!
But I have a cunning plan to banish it until I finish this first draft. I'm in for a few busy months. Wish me luck.
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